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Singapore Garden Festival 2010
uploaded on Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh man! I'm so sorry that I let my portfolio died!
Have been really very lazy to organize my stuffs...
Anyway, I'm here to upload my photos I took for SGF'10.
All the photos were taken at the Level 6.

My best and fav pic among all!!!

Another one which I liked~ Cause Only these 2 photos, I've put in my heart to take!
The others were just snaps as I was in a hurry...

Made of plastic bottles

Kampong style~

I like the white as it's pure!

This look like our Merlion =X

Some fan? XD.

Fantasy Garden~

Looking sad =(

Umbrellas for sale!!!

I like this too! Look like Avatar scenery XD

Interior designs~

Simple and nice~

This look way too crowded @.@

Very space like~

Of course not forgetting me and my Mum~ Ciaoz!


Piece of Art

CNY Photos
uploaded on Friday, February 19, 2010

We are "family"~
L to R (all taken from Canon EOS 500D
Sharon, Me, Ben, Sebastian, Wei Shen, Chee Koon, Matthew

Gummy Bears also "bai nian-ing" =X

Sharon. Nice shot eh? =D

Sebas and C.K.

Sisters - Sharon and Me

Siters - C.K. and Me

Matthew and Me

Sharon, Ben, C.K. and Me

Sebas, Ben and Matt

Sharon and Matt

Brothers - Matt and Sebas

Fierce C.K. XD.

Reflection of Ben and Me

Awesome snack shot by Me =P

Artistic Matt shot by Me again XP

Eye-less C.K. XD.

Matt and W.S.

God of Gambler - Matthew Alan Rozario

HAHA! Matt look like TOAD!

Hippy Ben =/


C.K. and her hand ROFL

Birthday cake for Matt LOLOLOL
HEART ice-cream cake!!!

Me doing ice-cream cake advertisement for free XD.

Kiddo Ben playiing with dry ice -_-

W.S. and his trademark move!

Eric my old friend XD.

Nice quote C.K.~


Piece of Art

CNY Photos
uploaded on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sorry for the dirty "mirror" XD. Everything shooted with Canon EOS 500D. And slightly edited =P

Mahjong comfirm the main lead de lah XD.

Bro calls it the EMO shot but I like~

Gong Liang, Er Gu, Yun Han

Jeslyn, Me, Yun Han, Joan

My pretty Mummy~

That's me =]

Granddaughter and Grandmother XD.

Biao Mei Yun Han

Er Gu

Biao Mei Yun Han and a blur-ed me behind

Tang Di Gong Liang

Cousin Nich // San Gu

Biao Di Kang Yi

Biao Mei Shi Quan

Shen Shen // Tang Jie Joan

Me and Er Gu // Model Biao Mei Yun Han

Biao Mei Jeslyn

Hehez, Dobry getting into Tiger suit~

Woo~ Love this Yu Shen shot

Lunar New Year of course needa lao yu shen lah~

Loves this shot of Dobry

My Wai Gong and Da Jiu Mu

Best portrait shot I've taken of my Ah Yi.

Naughty Dobry playing with the camera.

Baby Dobry: Wishes Upon the Stars...


Piece of Art

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